Property prices for sale in Nyali (Mombasa)

The prices in real estate in Nyali, in the Mombasa region have had a strong rise in the last couple of months. The real estate prices for second hand homes have gone through a strong increase in this city.

KSh 22,943,988.5
Average price last 6 months
KSh 50,960.17
Price/m² last 6 months
Average price per m2

The price per m² in Nyali has increased strongly during the last 6 months. In December, the average price per m² was KSh 27,094. In the following month the price per m² increased considerably to KSh 46,948. The price for the following two months in (February, March) had a considerable increment of 185 %. The price per m² has decreased 90 % in the last two months compared to the average price for the previous four months. This was obtained by comparing the first four months of the period going from a price per m² of KSh 52,747.75 to KSh 47,385 during April, and May.

Average price

Based upon to the price in Nyali (constituencies & towns), this has gone up in the last 6 months. The average price during our first sample month during December, is KSh 20,986,875. During January the price went through a considerable rise reaching KSh 25,156,250. During the following two months (February, March) the price has had an average incrementation from KSh 23,071,562 to KSh 25,647,500. During the last two months the average price has had a strong fall compared to the previous four going from KSh 24,359,532 to KSh 20,112,904, which means a 83 % fall.

Average price per bedrooms

The graph showing the average price for bedrooms displays the property with the most expensive price has 1 bedroom. It is 33 % more costly than the average price of KSh 31,136,120 in Nyali. Based on the bedrooms values, properties with the highest prices are those with 1 bedroom. They are 33 % more expensive than the average aforementioned.

With regard to the average prices per m² those properties with 1 bedroom are 7976 % more costly than the average price of (KSh 4,215,806 / m²) in Nyali. Properties with the most expensive price based upon to the number of bedrooms / m² are those with 1 bedroom. They are 7976 % more costly than the average value aforementioned.

Price per property type

The graph displaying the average prices displays the property type "Apartment" as the most costly one. At an cost of KSh 23,325,806 it is 33 % more expensive than the average price in Nyali. "Commercial Property" is seen as the second dearest property type. The dearest property type is "Townhouse" followed by "Commercial Property". At a price of KSh 31,278,278 it is 35 % more expensive than the average price.

According to the average cost per m², the most expensive property type would be "Apartment" at an average cost of KSh 4,215,806 / m² followed by "Commercial Property" priced at KSh 5,472,542 / m². "Townhouse" is the most costly type of property with a KSh 5,499,989 / m² cost followed by "Commercial Property" with an average price of KSh 5,472,542 / m².

Charts data
Average price May
Average price per m² May
Number of properties used in Nyali
Number of properties used in region Mombasa
KSh 23,325,806
KSh 52,201
** Graph's data with null or zero value are due to there isn't enough data available to get a reliable value
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